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Want to learn how knowing your innate strengths can increase performance and reduce stress for yourself and for your team? Check out the interview below:
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"Even unwanted outcomes can bring opportunity.”  
- Andrea MacKenzie,

On How to Promote Strategic Thinking...

On What We Learned from Uber's Culture Crisis...

On Understanding Generation Z...

“Assuming Kalanick's resignation was due to rising concerns about harassment, discrimination and legal investigations — all of which could impact stock valuation — the takeaway is that unfair business practices never pay off in the long run. Ultimately, a fair and ethical culture is directly linked to a company's success, and leaders should regularly assess and improve their culture as they grow.”

“Strategy, by definition, requires a goal. Many businesses are not always clear on common goals, and they can even have competing goals across teams. When leaders understand and accept the goals and vision for their company, they can create strategies, priorities, processes, teams, performance measurements, and incentives that align with the future vision for the company.”  

"We run into some sticky territory when we stereotype entire generations of people. Gen Xers were stereotyped as "slackers;" millennials continue to be stereotyped as "entitled," and time will only tell what we will say about Gen Z. Leaders need to know what strengths, values and skills they need on their teams and how to recruit, hire, and nurture people who suit those needs."


 “I oversee 500 people throughout the country. Assessing my top 50 managers has allowed me to understand them better on a day-to-day basis and, especially when change comes about, strategize better in getting the job done.” 

—   Corporate Operations Manager, Mid-Sized Global Distribution Company 

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