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  • You're ready to develop your unique leadership style and find a path for growth - in your business or career - that you really love!
  • You want to lead in a way that is both effective and supportive of everyone's growth and well-being
  • You want to spend more time on what matters to you and make a greater contribution 
  • You want to create inspiring, low stress environments for productivity and creativity

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Conscious Leadership

- a practice of heighten awareness, receptivity, and non-judgement -

is our approach to helping clients create and reach their goals.

Our clients work with us in the following areas:


Develop your personal leadership style to communicate clearly, build relationships, and stay focused on what really lights you up!


Explore how you want to grow in your career and leadership abilities in order to experience ease while contributing in a unique and fulfilling way.  



Build a team and create an environment where people can be productive, supportive, and free to be themselves! 


Discover how to find the right fits for your team and how to enable your entire team to work together better with greater awareness.


Grow your business in a way that is aligned with your values, vision, and personal freedom and fulfillment!

Gain clarity on what your business stands for, who you serve, what you offer,  and how you grow, without sacrificing your own wellness.


Participate in a community of women supporting women in an open, reciprocal, and sacred space!

Get energized in a group environment where you can grow, express, play, and contribute freely and authenically.

What's Your Big "Why"?

Client Testimonials

"I have been hesitant in the past to work with a coach and Andrea made the process easy. I have already made strides towards evaluating my brand in a different light in my daily routine to understand what drives me in my business. I can’t wait to continue working with Andrea to further our exploration of my business and my mindset for the future. This has been an amazing experience!"

— Dr. Jeri U., Owner, Healing Choices 

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