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What is a Breakthrough Session?

In this complimentary call we will discuss your biggest business challenges and productivity blocks that might be getting in the way of the growth and change you desire most.  We will take a look at what your next level looks like and how to get there!

We will also explore your next steps, and if and how Lead With Harmony can help you accomplish them.

Schedule your session now if you would like to...

Discover strategies for growing your business in a way that supports your freedom

Get clear on what areas of your business you want to improve most

Pinpoint action steps towards the growth and change you want in your business

Leave the session clear about your next move

About Andrea MacKezie
Founder of Lead With Harmony

Andrea MacKenzie, MBA, ACC, founder of Lead With Harmony, is a business strategist and certified coach who specializes in helping women business owners grow their businesses without compromising harmony within themselves and their teams, in order to truly enjoy the success they create. She has partnered with leaders and their organizations - from small business owners to Fortune 500’s - for over 15 years to cultivate high-performance teams and support strategic change and growth initiatives.  While she often explores ideas and strategies from her corporate experience with her small business clients, she also enjoys championing women entrepreneurs, particularly those with a team they want to develop, to pioneer their own unique way to leading a successful small business that aligns with their most important values and mission.


Please Note: There are a limited number of Breakthrough Calls available for business owners who want to explore their best next steps towards growing their businesses while increasing their productivity, gaining more freedom and fulfillment, and developing more effective client attraction strategies - all aligned with their mission.  If this sounds like you, please book a call above! 


If you simply have a question for us, please email us instead at

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