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Explore Your Leadership Brand!

FREE 1-Hour Online Workshop

The 1-Day Intensive "Custom Brand Guide" Workshops are no longer available, but this free workshop is a great place to start!

This workshop is an opportunity to explore the meaning behind your signature and influencing brand archetypes, gain clarity on what makes your mission unique, and start the journey towards finding your leadership voice.  You will walk away with...

Insights on how you want to stand out and show up in the world

A glimpse of the powerful, often hidden, parts of your brand that just might be your greatest opportunity

Specific language to use in your messaging right away to express your brand identity

A new energy around growing your career, business or vocation with your purpose in mind



Join us for this fun, energizing, insightful session!

LIVE via Zoom! November 12th, 2020 at 10:30 am PT/1:30 pm ET

 Grab a spot while you can!  Virtual seats are limited!

About the Workshop Facilitator
Andrea MacKenzie
Founder of Lead With Harmony
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Andrea MacKenzie, Founder of Lead With Harmony, specializes in helping people explore, embody, and expand their authority and influence as leaders, without compromising harmony within themselves or among their communities, so that they can contribute their gifts freely and truly enjoy their lives. As an MBA, business consultant, and certified professional coach, Andrea has partnered with leaders and their organizations - from small business owners to Fortune 500’s - for over 15 years to cultivate high-performance teams and support strategic change and growth initiatives.  While she often explores ideas and strategies from her corporate experience with her clients, she sees her true purpose in championing mission-driven individuals who want to pioneer their own unique brand of leadership that aligns with their most important values and mission.  

 "I love to champion women to exceed their entrepreneurial goals because I believe the world gets better as more women step up to own their share of the authority that influences our communities, organizations, and world."

~ Andrea




 Grab a spot while you can!  Virtual seats are limited!

If you have not taken Branding With Archetypes , you will receive a link to take the assessment to before the workshop begins. This assessment will be the foundation for our work together and will allow you to hit the ground running to create your brand guide in this 1-day group intensive.


Branding with Archetypes® © Kendall Summerhawk

Client Testimonials

"I have been hesitant in the past to work with a coach and Andrea made the process easy. I have already made strides towards evaluating my brand in a different light in my daily routine to understand what drives me in my business. I can’t wait to continue working with Andrea to further our exploration of my business and my mindset for the future. This has been an amazing experience!"

— Dr. Jeri U., Owner, Healing Choices 

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